Présentations congrès


European public Heath Conference (EPH) (Oral) : Employment two years after breast cancer diagnosis : the role of household characteristics. Evidence from the CANTO cohort ; E. Caumette, et al.

ESMO : Quality of life, predictive factor for chemotherapy related toxicities in localized breast cancer patients: a French multicentric prospective cancer and toxicities cohort study – CANTO ; I. Licaj, et al.

ASCO : Impact of overweight, obesity and post-treatment weight changes on occupational reintegration of breast cancer (BC) survivors ; A. Di Meglio, et al.

ASCO : Differential impact of endocrine therapy (ET) and chemotherapy (CT) on quality of life (QoL) of 4262 breast cancer (BC) survivors: a prospective patient reported outcomes (PRO) analysis ; A R. Ferreira, et al.

ASCO (Oral) : Prediction of Treatment (tx)-Induced Fatigue in Breast Cancer (BC) patients (pts) using Machine Learning on  Genome Wide Association (GWAS) Data in the  prospective CANTO cohort ; S. Lee, et al.

ASCO : Return to work after breast cancer: comprehensive longitudinal analyses of its determinants ; A. Dumas, et al.

ASCO : Cognitive impairment in breast cancer patients before surgery? Results of a subgroup of the French CANTO cohort ; M. Lange, et al.

ASCO : High temporal variability of clinical side effects with and without adjuvant chemotherapy in 4684 early breast cancer patients in the CANTO trial ; P. Cottu, et al.

ESMO BREAST (Oral) : Impact of tamoxifen (TAM) serum concentration on side effects among premenopausal patients (pts) with early breast cancer (BC) in the prospective multicenter CANTO cohort ; A. R. Ferreira, et al.

IPOS : Longitudinal study of psychosocial predictors of positive and negative perceived impacts of breast cancer among survivors ; L. Fasse, et al.


SABCS : Association Between Exercise and Pathological Complete Response in Patients Receiving Neoadjvuant Chemotherapy for Operable Breast Cancer: Results from the CANTO Study ; JL. Baker, et al.

ESMO : Physical Activity (PA) and patterns of Quality of Life (QOL) after adjuvant chemotherapy (CT) for breast cancer (BC) ; A. Di Meglio, et al.

ESMO : Breast Cancer (BC) related fatigue: a longitudinal investigation of its prevalence, domains and correlates ; I. Vaz Luis, et al.

ESMO (Oral) : Serum assessment of non-adherence to adjuvant endocrine therapy (ET) among premenopausal patients in the prospective multicenter CANTO cohort ; Pistilli B,  et al.

ESMO : Weight loss, physical and psychological patient reported outcomes (PROs) among obese patients (pts) with early breast cancer (BC) ; A. Di Meglio, et al.

ESMO : Overweight, obesity and weight gain after breast cancer (BC): a prospective clinical study ; A. Di Meglio, et al.

MASCC : Cognitive impairment in breast cancer patients before surgery ? ; I. Léger, et al.

ICCTF : Cognitive impairment in breast cancer patients before surgery ? ; I. Léger, et al.


SABCS : CANTOCHEM : analysis of chemotherapy practice and early side effects in the 6090 first patients from the prospective CANTO cohort ; P. Cottu, et al.

ASCO Prospective cohort study of treatment related chronic toxicities in patients (pts) with localized breast cancer (BC) (CANTO) ; I. Vaz Luis, et al.