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Intestinal microbiota influences clinical outcome and side effects of early breast cancer treatment

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Unhealthy behaviors after breast cancer: capitalizing on a teachable moment to promote lifestyle improvements

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Antonio Di Meglio
Long-term patient reported outcomes and hematologic toxicity among patients who received
Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factors during chemotherapy for early breast cancer.


Antonio Di Meglio,Stefan Michiels,Lee W. Jones,Mayssam El-Mouhebb,Arlindo R. Ferreira,Elise Martin,Margarida Matias, Ana Elisa Lohmann, Florence Joly, Laurence Vanlemmens, Sibille Everhard, Anne-Laure Martin, Jérôme Lemonnier, Patrick Arveux, Paul H. Cottu, Charles Coutant, Lucia Del Mastro, Ann H. Perdrix, Fabrice André, Jennifer A. Ligibel, Ines Vaz-Luis
Changes in weight, physical and psychosocial patient-reported outcomes among obese women receiving treatment for early-stage breast cancer: A nationwide clinical study

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Cognitive impairment in breast cancer patients before surgery: results from a CANTO cohort subgroup

Isabelle Hardy‐Léger  Cécile Charles  Marie Lange  Florence Joly  Pauline Roux  Aurélie Capel  Jean Petrucci  Olivier Rigal  Johan Le Fel  Laurence Vanlemmens  Sibille Everhard  Anne‐Laure Martin  Ines Vaz Luis  Charles Coutant  Paul Cottu  Christelle Levy  Florence Lerebours  Fabrice André  Idlir Licaj  Sarah Dauchy
Differentiation of groups of patients with cognitive complaints at breast cancer diagnosis: Results from a sub-study of the French CANTO cohort

superpositionAntonioDi Meglio1GwennMenvielle2AgnèsDumas345ArnauldGbenou1SandrinePinto2ThomasBovagnet2EliseMartin ( EliseMartin )1Arlindo R. Ferreira Ferreira ( Ferreira )6LaurenceVanlemmens7OlivierArsène8MahmoudIbrahim9JohannaWassermann10Anne LaureMartin11JérômeLemonnier11LuciaDel Mastro ( LuciaDel Mastro )12Lee W. M. Jones13Ann H. Perdrix14Jennifer A. Ligibel ( Ligibel )14…InesVaz Luis118
Body weight and return to work among survivors of early-stage breast cancer

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Impact of Breast Cancer Treatment and its Physical and Psychological Late Effects on Employment – Results of a Multicenter Prospective Cohort Study (CANTO)

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Serum detection of non-adherence to adjuvant tamoxifen and breast cancer recurrence risk

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Prediction of Breast Cancer Treatment-Induced Fatigue by Machine Learning Using Genome-Wide Association Data


Elisé G. Kaboré ,Charles Guenancia ,Ines Vaz-Luis,Antonio Di Meglio,Barbara Pistilli,Charles Coutant,Paul Cottu,Anne Lesur,Thierry Petit,Florence Dalenc,Philippe Rouanet,Antoine Arnaud,Olivier Arsène,Mahmoud Ibrahim,Johanna Wassermann,Geneviève Boileau-Jolimoy,Anne-Laure Martin,Jérôme Lemonnier,Fabrice André,Patrick Arveux
Association of body mass index and cardiotoxicity related to anthracyclines and trastuzumab in early breast cancer: a multicenter, prospective cohort study.

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